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Please review the other help pages above before adding new texts.



Before adding a new text, please make sure to read the following guidelines.

  1. If the language of the text is not English, it does not belong here. Select the corresponding language from the main page and place it there instead. If there is currently not a sub-domain which corresponds to the text's language, please post it at the multilingual Wikisource.
  2. Check the copyright status. It must be Public Domain or the author must have given permission for it to be reproduced here. Do not post the document if there is a problem.
  3. The document must be OCR'd, typed out yourself, or copied from an Internet source. Always post works in plaintext or ASCII. Never use RTF format, or from a word processing program like Microsoft Word. This is because the codes for features in, for example, Bold and Italic are not the same as the codes used in MediaWiki.
  4. It must be a verifiably published work. 'Verifiable' means that searching the title in a search engine or an on-line library catalogue should return relevant results.
  5. Do not post encyclopedic information about the text (for that, see Wikipedia) beyond brief editorial notes and/or a cited excerpt from Wikipedia.
  6. When a page exceeds 34KB, a banner appears warning that the page is becoming too long and should be split. This warning applies to very early browsers, and does not apply on Wikisource. However, it is recommended that users split very large works into chapters or sections if they exist in the original text. For technical details, see Wikipedia:Article size.

Basic procedure

Fully integrating works into Wikisource can be a very complicated process. We don't expect new users to learn the ins and outs of doing this before submitting texts. However, there is a basic procedure that should be followed when adding any texts.

  1. Check that Wikisource doesn't already have the work. Try performing a Wikisource-specific Google search for the title, author, or a few lines from the text. To do so, add keywords to the search box in this search (click). If you find the author's page, see if it exists in their list of works.
  2. If Wikisource doesn't seem to have the work, type the title in the Wikisource search box at left, click 'Go', and click the 'edit' link at the top to create the page.
    • Note: There are guidelines for page titles. Sentence style is preferred (only the first letter of the title capitalised), except where a word is an exception to regular capitalisation (like "eBay"). If a different work exists with the same title, create the page at Title (Author) instead. If there are separate pages for chapters, use the format "Title/Chapter X". See Wikisource:Title formats for greater detail.
  3. At the top of the page, add the {{header}} template (see the template talk page for help). Fill in any information you know, leaving any unknown or inapplicable information blank. Do not remove any lines. Add "[[Category:New texts]]" to the notes line unless you're confident you can follow the advanced procedure below.
  4. Add the text below this, format as desired, and click save.

Create a new page

<inputbox> type=create width=45 </inputbox>

Advanced procedure

We don't expect new users to follow this procedure, as it can be somewhat complicated. If you correctly follow the basic procedure above, a more experienced user will do the rest.

  1. Make sure that the {{header}} is used correctly. Unless the author should not have an author page (for standalone works, national anthems, et cetera), make sure that the author page exists. If it doesn't, check if it exists under a different name. If you find no existing author page, create it using the {{author}} template.
  2. Make sure that the author is listed at Wikisource:Authors, and list them if not.
  3. Add the work to any category you can think of that applies.
  4. Place a text information template on the document's discussion page and start to fill in the details.
  5. If the page is very large, split the content into sections such as chapters, acts, et cetera (see the Wikisource style guide). If the work is split, place {{title page}} on the the title page and fill in known details (see Template_talk:Title page for usage).
  6. Edit the document for accuracy, adding the codes for bolds and italics. Use the edit bar at the bottom of the edit page to add special characters if needed. Wikify the document as necessary.
  7. Update the details on the talk page as you proceed.
  8. When you are satisfied the document is fully edited, ask the administrators for it to be protected.

Specific guidelines

First, you need to find a place to put it:

da:Hjælp:Tilføje tekster zh:Wikisource:如何提交文章

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